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How Internet Archive Saved My Day

UPDATE: archive is no longer available through Wayback Machine since it is pointing to which is not working. However archive could be found on my SkyDrive.

Internet Wayback Machine Logo Today when I had to find a theme for ASP.NET GridView the first resource I found in my memory was Matt Berseth’s blog (Google also found something for me but I’m convinced that “favorites list” in my memory is a much better and reliable source). Matt had great examples of AJAX control extenders and some other things connected with styling of ASP.NET controls on his site. But while domain still belongs to Matt Berseth, the site is currently down and not available.

Well, I quickly found some references to the article 5 GridView Themes Based on Google’s Personalized Homepage (igoogle) and tried to get to it with the help of The Internet Archive (aka The Wayback Machine). From the “About the Wayback Machine” section:

Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.

In fact it never helped me, but I wanted to get rarely visited pages or downloads of a big size so it is nothing to complain. And at this time I was interested in recovery of popular resource and to my relief the page was crawled 20 times from the 3rd of November, 2007. And sample project download was also available! So it took me something near to 20 minutes to get what I wanted and this is nothing comparing to the efforts needed to create my own CSS for a GridView.

Thank you Internet Archive, you saved my day!